Keto Weight Loss Coffee Frequently Asked Questions | Lean Java Bean
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What should I expect from Lean Java Bean coffee?

Lean Java Bean uses all-natural ingredients each sourced and selected for their unique properties. Lean Java Bean is formulated with the ultimate solution for quick, fast and effective weight loss in the tastiest way possible. The benefits of Lean Java Bean include:

  • Controls appetite so you eat less without feeling hungry
  • Increased metabolism so you burn fat quicker
  • Increased energy and stamina
  • Mental clarity
  • Consistent weight loss
  • Regulates sugar absorption
  • Elevates mood
  • Regulates carbohydrate
  • Natural source of antioxidants
  • AND it has two clinically tested ingredients

Lean Java Bean is fueled by two clinically tested active ingredients, Super Citrimax and ChromeMate, that targets fat cells, satiety, impacts metabolism and energy balance for improved body composition and a lean sculpted physique.

How much Lean Java Bean should I consume daily?

Day 1 & 2 we recommend you start with one half pack a day then on day three increase to a full pack.

When is best to drink my Lean Java Bean?

We recommend that you drink your Lean Java Bean first thing of a morning. Thousands of satisfied customers say this provides a new found energy to start your day and to feel great all day, every day.

How many mg’s of caffeine per packet?

There is approximately 120 mg per cup of Lean Java Bean. It is about the same as any coffee house serves. There is no added synthetic caffeine as in most diet aids. There is no PEA (Phenethylamine) or any other dangerous chemical additives.

Can I drink Lean Java Bean coffee if I am pregnant or breastfeeding?

There are no laxatives in Lean Java Bean, however, if you are concerned about increased caffeine intake, or other ingredients, please consult your doctor.

How fast can I expect results?

Results vary. You should start feeling more energy and clarity day one.

Some start to lose weight quickly others may take a bit longer. Three pounds a week is a good safe weight loss, however some may experience more depending on body type and metabolism.

We recommend you weigh yourself before starting on Lean Java Bean then weigh yourself again in 10 days.

What ingredients help people lose weight?

Lean Java Bean is comprised with a proprietary blend of all natural ingredients that magically work together to support effective weight loss. Click the tabs below to learn more:

Clinically proven research, including studies sponsored by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and USDA, shows that ChromeMate® supports many health benefits. ChromeMate® has been shown to be 18-times more bioactive than other chromium complexes tested. Clinical research shows that ChromeMate® helps support healthy blood sugar levels, cholesterol levels and weight management.

While studies in animals have demonstrated consistent and significant results, studies on HCA in humans have produced mixed results. A randomized placebo-controlled study was conducted involving 20 overweight adults. It was demonstrated that 500 mg HCA (as 3 CitriMax® ) taken three times per day before meals for eight weeks resulted in 215% greater weight loss than those taking a placebo, without side effects associated with diet stimulants. Furthermore, a significant reduction was also observed in cholesterol and triglyceride levels.

An incredibly efficient fat burning ingredient, Garcinia Cambogia has received much media attention for its effect on weight loss and food consumption control. This pure ingredient is 100% natural; it is sometimes referred to as Tamarind, and it grows primarily in the lush green mountains of India, southeast Asia as well as in Central Africa. Its primary ingredient is the dietary super supplement known as HCA, which is proven in scientific studies to stop hunger in its tracks. The tamarind fruit has traditionally been used in soups as appetizers before meals, because of the smaller portion sizes due to limited amount of food. It’s appetite suppression qualities helped make villagers feel more full (satiety) and the fruit would increase the workers’ fat burning skills (thermogenesis) providing an increase in energy and productivity.

Most young people these days are beginning to look and feel older, in some cases even hitting puberty far earlier than was the norm even one generation earlier. Ginseng is known to combat the free radicals that give the human skin mantle that look of premature aging. Lean Java Bean pure 100:1 extract works extremely well when combined with our other proprietary ingredients. This root is an immune system balancing, super supplement that should be admired by all.

This amino acid and mineral’s main function is to help insulin carry sugar into muscle cells where it is stored as energy. A lack of chromium could cause fluctuating blood-sugar levels which trigger sugar cravings. As a carbohydrate dependent society, increasing the amount of L-Carnitine & Chromium in our diet in our formula’s proportions will assist the body’s ability to manage its carbohydrate cravings and, in turn, assist with a successful weight management protocol.


This ingredient combines with an enzyme in the body called alpha-amylase – which is involved in the digestion of starch – and helps to temporarily block its activities. Alpha-amylase is secreted in saliva and is produced in the pancreas, and is responsible for breaking down starch into simple sugars, which can then be absorbed in the small intestine. Blocking this digestive enzyme prevents the digestion of carbohydrates, which means they are able to pass largely undigested through the gastrointestinal tract. The end result is a decrease in the number of calories absorbed, thereby helping to promote weight loss.


This multi-flavonoid compound helps in the prevention of cardiovascular disease and in the reduction of high blood pressure. Cassiolamine helps to maintain healthy blood vessels by reducing the adhesion (stickiness) of blood platelets, which promotes healthy blood flow. Our pure ingredient formula also serves as an antioxidant, which helps to maintain a healthy heart and improved immune system. What this natural legume based extract is mostly known for is its powerful lipase-inhibiting features, which results in the prevention of fat absorption and an effective carbohydrate blocker.

Green tea contains 2% to 4% caffeine, which affects thinking and alertness, increases urine output, and may improve the function of brain messengers. Caffeine is thought to stimulate the nervous system, heart, and muscles by increasing the release of certain chemicals in the brain called neurotransmitters. Antioxidants and other substances in green tea have been shown in studies to help protect the heart and blood vessels additionally.

This is the main active ingredient in Green Coffee Bean, it is a powerful thermogenic fat burner. It holds promise in many aspects of health and cognition similar to bioflavonoids and shares some effects similar to caffeine, but less potent. Studies show that Chlorogenic Acid may also decrease the absorption of dietary carbohydrate, as well as provide anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits.

MaCoca is an exclusive proprietary blend of ingredients formulated to help optimize your weight loss success. MaCoca™ is truly unique among all other weight loss products on the market. MaCoca™ has the ability to promote satiety (a sense of feeling full), control unwanted habits, boost energy and burn calories while helping to reduce fat intake.

Cocaine Leaves Decocainized

Decocainized Coca Leaf Extract - is derived from the coca plant (Erythroxylon coca). It is the key ingredient in MaCoca™. The extract is processed using a method that carefully removes the alkaloids while retaining all of the active ingredients enabling it to be used legally as a food additive. The coca leaf extract is highly nutritious. Attributes include Flavonoids, triterpenoids, vitamin C, amino acids, carotenoids, vitamin B complex and essential oils. The active ingredients in the extract are highly concentrated making MaCoca™ one of the most nutritious and effective appetite-suppressing formulations available among today's over the counter weight loss supplements. Indigenous tribes of South America have cultivated coca leaf for centuries. Ailments that have been traditionally treated using the Coca leaf include: as an effective aseptic and pain killer., to improve digestion and eliminate gases, to prevent diarrhea, to stimulate the proper function of the respiratory system, to treat shortness of breath do to high altitude sickness, boost energy levels and increase strength and stamina, improve metabolism and establish the body's chemical balance, relaxes the vocal chords, alleviate symptoms associated with diseases of the motor system such as arthritis and rheumatism.

DEA and FDA compliant and registered.

It is also known as the “coffee shrub of Arabia”, “mountain coffee” or “Arabica coffee”. Arabica coffee is believed to be the first species of coffee to be cultivated. The earliest credible evidence of either coffee drinking or knowledge of the coffee tree appears in the mid-15th century, in the Sufi monasteries around Mocha in Yemen. Arabica coffee production in Indonesia began in 1699. High-quality Arabica is beautifully fragrant, sweet and round, with a slight and pleasant acidity, with just a mild hint of bitterness. It is 100% NON GMO Fair trade and wild crafted harvested coffee.

Safety Information

Representations regarding the efficacy and safety of Lean Java Bean have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The FDA only evaluates foods and drugs, not supplements like these products. These products are not intended to diagnose, prevent, treat, or cure any disease. Two human clinical trials suggest that consumption of the ingredients in Lean Java Bean can lead to a reduction in weight or body fat. It is recommended that users follow a strict diet and exercise regimen to achieve weight loss results.