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About Lean Java Bean

Easy Mix Keto Weight Loss Coffee

Our Mission

At Lean Java Bean, our mission is to help as many people as possible worldwide achieve better health, maintain a healthy weight, and live in the body they have always desired living in... by simply drinking a cup of coffee a day! Yes, that simple! Drink a cup of coffee and watch your fat melt away, and then keep it off. We want to help you live lean, and love life!

Made With University Tested and Clinically Proven Ingredients
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What People Are Saying

I’ve been drinking Lean Java Bean since the first of March 2017.

I’ve lost 15 pounds! I’ve got my life back.

I became disabled in 2011 with a herniated disk and then I became a diabetic… Now I’m able to get out and go, I’m getting my life back slowly, being disabled it’s harder on me. Everyday I keep getting better and I am here and blessed to be here! I’m bless for Lean Java Bean and for Louis making it!”

- Penny Acey

I went ahead and used one to two of the cups of coffee a day...

... and before I knew it... it was the pounds were coming off!

But here's how I started... I was almost, and kind of embarrassed to say, a hundred and ninety pounds 189.9. I wouldn't even take a picture of the scale when it was down five pounds in just five or six days I immediately started taking a picture every single day and this was back about June first. And as of today I took a picture the day before yesterday it was one 164.2. I am so elated! There's nothing better for you to do then get on Lean Java Bean. Get after it folks!"

- Sherry Denny

7 MONTHS & 16 POUNDS DOWN!!! Thank you #leanjavabean.....I am 3LB from target 🎯


It's not been an easy journey but I've nearly done it! Using both the coffee and capsules has enabled me to have those cheat days and not feel guilty! I've gone up and down a bit on the scales but never by much more than a pound or so. I've enjoyed holidays, take aways, meals out and prossecco ! I know I couldn't have done this alone, the coffee has been my saviour! 5 weeks until I'm at maid of honour for my sister's wedding and I am determined to shift the final few pounds....🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

- Kery Smith

I've lost 29 inches, including a massive 7.5 inches for my abdomen!

6 months ago I started drinking Lean Java Bean coffee. From the very first cup I had so much more energy and like magic my sugar and carb cravings gone! The coffee works by stopping you absorbing sugar, which gives you fantastic energy levels, and no cravings!

It also burns fat, raises your natural feel good hormones (seretonin), and I have friends with Fibromyalgia that are reporting amazing results with pain and sleeping! My appetite is so reduced I am able to make controlled choices and I don't emotionally eat anymore! I can choose good food, and it tastes so much better now, the difference is amazing when you learn to listen to your body and eat for hunger! I have no awful usual caffeine headaches or upset stomach, I feel so much more healthier... my skin is better and I don't get any bloating anymore!! I have my cheat days too... and I still do regularly, I just have an extra delicious cup of LJB coffee that day... and it does no harm to my waistline at all with the coffee! I highly recommend this product, it has changed my life and it has broken the hold food and the weighing scales had over me! I drink eat and enjoy ☕ Just be sure to drink lots of water! "

- Sarah St. Claire

Your average cup of coffee isn't enough

There are many good brands of coffee out there, but very none deliver 100% of the ingredients you need to enhance fitness efforts and see real results fast. Until now.

Lean Joe Bean contains a proprietary blend of Super CitriMax and Chromax which have been clinically shown to improve body composition and influence the key “fat” hormones. This is completely unique to Lean Joe Bean, and is the KEY to reaching goals efficiently.